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Who said that the friendship stopped at the borders of the Mistral ? On 9 July, Laëtitia Milot has had the joy of receiving the visit of his former partners of a More Beautiful Life on the set of his new series.

Laëtitia Milot was for many years one of the characters headlights of the series to success of France 3 and the fans are passionate for the adventures tumultuous as her character, the waitress Mélanie Rinato. Since his departure, the beautiful actress of 37 years was not lacking of projects since his departure from the Mistral, between writing several novels and the filming of The Revenge at the clear eyes, the new series of TF1. It is precisely on the set of season 2 on the Côte d’azur as Laëtitia Milot had the beautiful surprise to welcome Laurent Kerusoré, Stéphane Hénon and his wife Isabelle Regourd, Dounia Coesens and Michel Cords, and his friends of a More Beautiful Life. The actress was quick to share on her account instagram a photo of this beautiful moment of complicity with his former colleagues : “It’s been a good fouuuu to find friends <3 <3 <3 <3 ” A picture which has delighted the fans of PBLV who always hope for the return of Melanie to the Mistral : “Oh it would be good to see her again in the series ! “, ” Beautiful photo of the group and especially to see all of you, it’s fun !

Laëtita Milot, which just celebrated its 10 years of marriage to his great love for Badri, is a young woman, very surrounded. Affect endometriosis, it has been operated upon in the beginning of the year and continues his struggle to become a mom. If the much-awaited baby does not seem to decide to point the tip of his nose for the moment, it does not lower the arm. And she can always count on the support of its friends in the Mistral to restore the smile !

It is a well fouuuu find friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @laurentkerusore @stephane_henon @isabelle_regourd @douniacoesens #michelcordes

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Laetitia Milot

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