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Very discreet about his private life, Mazarine Pingeot is newly married to Didier Le Bret, the former coordinator of national intelligence French, on the 1st of July. Back on the men of the life of the daughter of François Mitterrand.

Mazarine Pingeot has had three major men in her life. The first sharing his life and the benches of the school with her for five years. It is now well known in the media environment, it is Ali Baddou. Both aggregated and philosophy, Ali Baddou has long conversations with his father, François Mitterrand.

In 2001, she married the director and producer Mohamed Ulad-Mohand, with whom she has three children. But in 2014, they separate. It says so in the magazine It : “We never give up to love “. And she has kept his word, three years after his separation from Mohamed Ulad-Mohand, the daughter of François Mitterrand found the butterflies in the belly at the side of Didier Le Bret, the former coordinator of national intelligence French.

Number 1 of the secret service under the quinquennium of Francois Hollande, he is in charge of the project of the foreign affairs in the campaign of Vincent Peillon for the primary citizen of 2017. Candidate in the legislative election in the ninth district of the French established out of France, he finished in the fourth position.

On the 1st of July, Mazarine Pingeot, and Didier Le Bret joined us in the town hall of the Eleventh arrondissement of Paris. The ex-president of the Republic François Hollande and his girlfriend, Julie Gayet, were also present.

Check out the pictures of the men in her life.

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