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Entertainment, Techno 20 July, 2017


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Thursday, July 20, the museum of wax of Madrid inaugurated the statues of Melania Trump and Donald Trump. If the american president is successful enough, the portrait of the first lady is missed, it

Melania does not like. At least that is the impression given when his wax sculpture was unveiled July 20 by the wax museum of Madrid. If his silhouette is rather successful and makes quite before his perfect line, in the molding in a white robe identical to the ones she wears regularly and that makes it canon, the work on his face, usually nude, is less successful.

On this statue, the features of Melania are éxagérés. If his gaze is rather well managed, the color of her makeup is strange and fake wrinkles drawn on his face do not make it a tribute to her beauty and are misleading. His hair is far too clear. However, the wax statue representing her husband, Donald Trump is, paradoxically, better done. Her complexion, very made-up, is well done, her look and proportions of its silhouette also. the presidential couple u.s. appears set but has not yet commented on the dolls in their own image.

you will find the images of the statue of wax failed to Melania.

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