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Entertainment, Techno 5 July, 2017

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Melania Trump has put on the packet for the celebrations of 4 July. Wearing a gorgeous blue dress reminiscent of the american flag, the First lady has made a splash on the balcony of the White House.

Decidedly, Melania Trump was appearances successful. On the occasion of the national day of the american, Tuesday 4 July, the First Lady appeared sublime to the side of her husband Donald. While the latter made a speech in honor of the families of the american soldiers, the ex-supermodel has once again stole the show thanks to his look. To mark the occasion, the mom of the little Barron was wearing a long dress in electric blue designed by the creator colombian Esteban Cortazar. Chic and elegant look that puts not only her figure, but sat down also its legitimacy. Since moving to Washington, Melania Trump is more and more present in official events and appears much more comfortable in his new role. An insurance policy that will may be long-term to take the place of Michelle Obama, she is regularly accused of copying, on the podium of the First ladies from the most popular in the country.

Photo credits : Mega / KCS PRESSE

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