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Thursday, 7 July, Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron were in young people with autism at the Elysée palace in the framework of the launch of the 4th plan autism. The opportunity for the president and his wife to discover the Castle, and show the office of the first lady, who arouses the curiosity general.

Installed for nearly two months at the Elysee, Brigitte Macron has quickly made its mark. With more than 150 letters and emails per day, its services are already highly solicited. Also, several people have been recruited to manage the agenda and the various demands for the president’s wife. As to the first lady, she has taken the time to speak with several ministers (education in particular), to choose the records on which it wishes to invest during the quinquennium of her husband.

As you know, Brigitte Macron will not be a trophy wife. If she spends a lot of time with her grandchildren, the first lady is also an active woman. Then she received Thursday, in the company of her husband, Emmanuel Macron, about a dozen children with autism from the paris region and in Strasbourg at the presidential palace, the small group has quietly evolved from the court of honour in the village hall, up to the sofas in the office of president.

As shown in a tweet sent out from the lounge Ferns, located on the ground floor of the wing, Madam, the office signed Matali Crasset, Brigitte Macron, was littered with books and folders. At first glance, no photos or personal trinkets, but a stack of folders. Proof that the first lady is at work, even if it wants to be in the shade and do not interfere with the members of the government.

The first lady, teacher of French by profession, will not lose a minute, to focus on the cause of autism. Major problem in France that she had been taking very much to heart, before becoming the wife of the future head of State. This is one of her former students who was aware of the issue.

The office of Brigitte Macron in the living room of ferns, presented to children with autism

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