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Entertainment, Techno 11 July, 2017


Kev Adams has turned up the temperature a notch by posting photos of him shirtless on his account Instagram. To the delight of his many female admirers !

Kev Adams is currently a good time with friends in Ibiza before returning to the path sets. Holiday, relaxation, relaxing on the beach, the comedian, who has just celebrated his 26 years, sharing with his fans a bit of his daily life. But the admirers of the star of Gangsterdam have also had the happiness to discover photos of unusual the actor, bare-chested and everything in abs. If the young actor had taken a bit of weight lately, its excess pounds have melted with the arrival of summer ! Slender, sharp, tanned and with a delicious chocolate bars, Kev Adams has caused a sudden heat in his followers: “It all pays the sport say so ! “, ” Pfiou, I’m hot… Too beautiful and funny, in addition, perfect ! “, ” Wow, you are beautiful ! “.

A comeback for the actor who confessed recently Gala have not succeeded, in spite of the success, to get rid of its complex of former teen chubby way : “I still have a lot of complex. I will have all my life. I’m still a little shy, uncomfortable in my skin, while having the desire to be the guy who succeeds the best on this planet, and who crowd the biggest stages in the world. There is in me a real duality “. With his shyness and his awkwardness with girls, as his grandfather continues to envy his success with the fairer sex, the hunk is still single. And if this new body helped her to take a final trust in him ?

Only one in the World @ Ibiza ☀️ #CaFaitDuBien #SomeRest #OnPrepareLaSuite Thanks @ultimateears #BringMusicToLife

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I Found A Giant Pineapple #GiantPineapple #PinneapplePen #UltimateEars #BringMusicToLife

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