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Bella Hadid was at New York restaurant Cipriani with friends to celebrate a birthday. It was, as always, sublime in a black dress and thigh-high boots with heels. Bad idea perhaps when it is necessary to descend a small flight of stairs. It has not missed, the top model found herself the four irons in the air. Fortunately, more fear than harm.

Back from his holiday on the island of Mykonos, Bella Hadid attends the birthday of a friend in the restaurant Cipriani in New York. The model was primed for the occasion. With her new short hairstyle coiffed in a bun, she is wearing a little slinky black dress, naked shoulders and long sleeves. She has matching thigh-high shiny black also and heels. A choice can be ambitious when you need to go down a small staircase in metal. But for the queen défilées of haute couture, such as his performance at the parade Galliano, it would have had to ask no worries.

And yet, the top model has experienced a fall memorable. The young woman was leaving the restaurant where she had dinner via a cramped metal staircase. Quietly, she took the time to get off, posing, smiling, in front of the photographers who attended in large numbers. Unfortunately, his foot has not touched the last step, but his knees have hit the ground. A fall immortalized by all the cameras pointed at her. Fortunately, Bella Hadid, was not injured, but has only had a fright. On the pictures there was laughter, a sign that all was well.

(HQs) Bella Hadid leaving Cipriani’s Restaurant in New York last night:

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