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On December 14, 1994, An Indian in the city she landed on the screens French. Become a true success, the film marked a whole generation. Yet, the main actor, Ludwig Briand, now lives well away from the spotlight.

How can I forget, Mimi Siku? With his long hair, his paintings in red and black on the face and its expressions zany to the ” wakatepe baboun? “the young Indian has managed to seduce the French audience in a single film. Behind it character marking was hiding the young Ludwig Briand, 13 years. Today 34-year-old, Ludwig did not take advantage of its million well-placed to bask in the sun, it is entered in the active life.

Because these days, An Indian in the city earns on average 100 euros per year. Not enough to meet its needs. In an interview with the Nouvel Observateur in 2014, the actor explained yet to have received a nice sum of money at the time of the film. My salary at the time was 100,000 francs (15,000 euros), “he remembers. But after the success of the movie, Thierry Lhermitte, Hervé Palud (the director) and the producer I have paid for rights which were not foreseen at the base. This money, Ludwig has not been squandered. On the contrary, the young man has invested in a “house of city” in its 18 years.


Apart from this excellent idea, Ludwig Briand has initially not met with much success in his professional career. Yet, at the end of high school, he makes a choice which seems rather a good idea: to give priority to the tray at the cinema. Of work in the job, he discovers the aspect painful the world of work. It tries one time to studies of usher but abandoned in the face to the side “mercenary” of the trade. I have been an animator in leisure centre, I have worked in the real estate and also in an airport, he explains. But despite her low income, Ludwig Briand refuses to do reality tv. Secret Story , and I’m a celebrity get me out of here are as well slam the door in his face. Today, Ludwig enjoys his home and, after a contest succeeded, he is now became clerk.

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