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Marrakech du rire

Stars and new talents were to the poster of the 7th edition of the international festival of humour created by Jamel in which the gala is broadcast on 12 July, M6. Five days of laughter under the scorching heat of Marrakech.

On this day, in Marrakech, it is 41 °C in the shade, but Jamel Debbouze, bermuda black and shirt in white poplin, bouncing around the pool to welcome us. He is in full writing session with the authors, in the Villa berber that it occupies in the beautiful gardens of the palace Es Saadi. ” Each year, I expect two things : the Marrakech Laughter and the dance performance of my daughter “, says Jamel Debbouze, the master of ceremony of the festival. Playful, lively, serene, and in full form, he does not hide his joy : last year, more than 70 million tv viewers watched the gala of the festival broadcast around the world, and 80,000 festival-goers would have walked through the show rooms for five days. However, this was not won. When Jamel and his brother, Karim decided, in 2010, to create an international festival of humour in Morocco, their country of origin, their ambition was great, and the risky bet.

This event is today the most funny and the most relaxed that can exist. Since the 1st edition, the guests are accommodated in the same hotel as Jamel, and we greet breakfast with Chantal Ladesou, Elie Semoun, or Gad Elmaleh. Yet, behind the Marrakech Laughter hides a war machine : 700 people for the organization, more than 21 events and 150 artists. ” Seven years ago, I thought that there would be an edition of it, says Jamel. We wanted to break the bank the first year ; we realize today that the highest performance is to always exist. I wish now that this festival lasts, and continues to discover talents. One of my greatest prides is to have revealed to the public, Alban Ivanov, Ahmed Sylla, or EKO, comedian moroccan that we have found Jemaa-el-Fna square. They score as much on stage as in the cinema. For them, everything is party of the Marrakech du Rire. What a satisfaction it is ! “, jubile-t-it.

Of course, the comedians in the grass, or those whose reputation is not any more to prove, dream to be. The personalities invited to the closing gala broadcast on M6, they, rush. Because the program is irresistible : for some, it is occur in magical places (the palais El-Badi, the royal Theatre, the French Institute…) in front of an audience eager for humor and to the left unheard elsewhere ; for others, it is a lazy day at the pool of the Es Saadi Marrakech Resort where they are staying, walks in the city and guaranteed laughs to the shows in the evening. And we find the little world around a glass of wine and a buffet gargantuan to the aftershows.

This atmosphere is second to none, it needs to Jamel, but also to his family. ” My parents, my brothers, my sister and my wife are here with me. They are the salt of my life, my motor, and remind me that nothing is serious when sometimes it is tiring, heavy to wear and that I feel overwhelmed. My family brings me the light and reminded me of my origins, too, ” he says. Everyone puts the hand to the dough. They see everything that I do not see and takes over everything that I can’t do that. In fact, the Marrakesh of Laughter, it is like the organization of a great marriage “, continues with Jamel.

In addition to his family – including his brother Karim, “nerve center” in the phlegm columbia – a team of professionals unparalleled ensures the smooth running of the event, including Mohamed Hamidi (director of The Cow) artistic director of the gala. ” Mohammed gave me the envy to make cinema. When I met my wife, I stopped working for several years to be with her and live in the present moment. When I had my first child, same thing. For me, only this account, I play as if everything could stop tomorrow. I owe to it ! he said, pointing to her injured hand. It is a driving force. Incidentally, my next show is called Now or Jamel* and it is directed by Mohamed. “

On the last day of the festival, Sunday, huge tables are set under the orange trees of the gardens of the Es Saadi. Jamel invites his teams to a brunch to thank them. Cameras and camcorders are banned, it is there to relax in a ” family “. As soon as the festival finished, the artist will go on the road the kinks of his new show that he will play at La Cigale in December. ” Like I’m not stepped on stage since six years, I was doing a whole world. And then I realized that it was just that I’m having fun. Stop trying at any price to do it well. I am doing the best I can, I’m not afraid to disappoint. “ It does not disappoint, it has been proven once again in Marrakech, Jamel makes us laugh with his heart.

*Now or Jamel, from 1 December 2017 to The Cicada

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