Phrase-manipulators. Why shouldn’t they believe?

Techno 14 January, 2018

2018-01-14 10:35

Phrase-manipulators. Why shouldn’t they believe?
Talk about Phrases that don’t believe

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This so-called phrase-manipulators, reports Rus.Media.

The first group of such phrases consists of the expressions with the prefix “keep quiet”. To digimate, Tigogenin, Tigerseye and so on. The purpose of these phrases to get a man to be convenient for the manipulator. These phrases evoke a sense of guilt.

Well, really, what kind of hostess who can’t do lamb under the sachems and as for the wife who greets her husband in a dressing gown and with a slight smile once the whole day did the lamb.

Protection against manipulation can be pre-prepared response. — Timati!, You heard rebuke, answer the question proudly And not just to have, and the best mother.

My family for quite a long time tried to pressure me with the phrase: — Thepsychology. Well, really, because psychologists also never experience fear, anger, rage, never raise your voice and generally poop butterflies.

But, I have developed the defense, and now the phrase Thepsychology answer: — No, dear. Now I’m neurotic .

The second group of sentences-manipulators who do not believe: “I will marry you… (IF you lose weight/go to work/will have my baby/stop to chat with a friend)” .

Don’t believe it. Maybe he will, but don’t believe to be happy. Any relationship that is based on the word IF is doomed to failure. IF it’s a code, a secret code. It is blackmail and manipulation. It is a dislike. It is a dead end, a road to nowhere.

And so the best answer would be: “If I never see you again in my life, it will be your best gift to me. Toodle-Loo!” And left, banging his heels.

The above group belong to the negative manipulation, because affect man through guilt.

But in addition to negative manipulation, there are positive-in other words, flattery. This is the third group of phrases manipulators. Almost all women’s magazines are full of tips on how to get husband and partner of any action, for example, to fix the infamous crane. “Honey, you better nobody will do it!”, — a phrase that magazines suggest to use in the management of a man.

In fact, this is a huge mistake. Manipulation, even positive to anything good will not.

First, the insincerity is felt immediately, on a subconscious level, you can say whatever you want, but hypocrisy is evident. Second, this type of phrase often perceived aggression. Because Your husband is not a complete fool not to realize that You seriously can’t believe that he will fix the crane is better plumbing.

Here is an example from the lives of their loved ones. One of my relatives for a long time, suffering from alcoholism. He coded, and treated, and that did not help. About six months ago, he agreed to go to rehab, and all seems to be going well.

But one day he said he was going there. When they began to understand what was happening, it turned out that he was offended by the fact that he was congratulated with his Birthday. Following books on psychology, where absolutely correct that, generally, alcoholism is a direct consequence of nedolyublennosti and a sense of uselessness, pseudo-psychologists of the center trying to show that he is needed and loved, but they use such clumsy methods that they there is a feeling of nausea.

They day he was congratulated, he just didn’t know where to go from the congratulations. First, there was the feeling of discomfort, and then there was anger that they think for a fool.

Well, actually, he is 50-year-old grown man can’t understand that some strangers can’t love him the motherly love he missed.In the end had to spend a lot of effort to smooth this horrible situation and continue treatment.

No manipulation required to achieve the desired result, a healthy and harmonious relationship can only be built on sincerity. Everything else is called the brain stem.