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Entertainment, Techno 17 July, 2017


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A month now that the clan Dion took up residence at the Royal Monceau in Paris ; and if Celine Dion is often appeared to look more casual than ever, the quebec diva has also decided to give to see a mother flourished as evidenced by the photos taken this Monday, July 17, in front of the parisian palace with her twins Eddy and Nelson.

While mom époumone in his magical singing in a rehearsal or a concert on the occasion of his current tour of the franco-european, its Eddy and Nelson are ahead of him. But you can not let the two brothers look at each other in staring at each other in the quiet dining rooms of the Royal Monceau hotel ; the palace, where Dion took up residence since mid-June. No, the twins take the opportunity to play tourists with their aunt Linda.


And the two boys who will celebrate their 7 years on the 23rd of October, could be sighted on a shopping spree on the Champs-Elysées, in the most luxurious Louis Vuitton store. Prior to that, it is up to the Galeries Lafayette department store, that they had rendered ; and a passage by the famous sign in the course of which they bought a few toys, and were able to admire by joining the roof terrace, the Eiffel Tower.


The horizon that they have re-watched last Thursday on the occasion of the rehearsals of the 14th of July, and this time quietly installed on the terrace of the Royal Monceau. The parisian palace in front of which the twins come to be photographed on Monday, July 17, in the company of their mother. The quebec diva who responded favourably to the demand of photographers for a month make the foot of crane in front of the famous establishment. A strong gesture to the delight of the fans who for years lamented to finally see clearly the little brothers of René-Charles.

Photo credits : Cyril Pecquenard

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