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Entertainment, Techno 20 July, 2017


Pierre Menes will make his comeback on Canal+ in presenting his own show, devoted to the football. It will be surrounded exclusively by chroniclers, including Agathe Auproux : a way for him to not be sexist

I’m a terrible sexist, it’s obvious [laughs] “. In an interview with The Express, Pierre Menes unveils the draft of its next broadcast on Canal+ he will be the presenter, a first. Around him, there will be women : chroniclers, whose presence was enough to his eyes to show that he is not sexist. Even if some of his statements leave little doubt. “I had this idea to do this show with girls [Agathe Auproux, Lucy Bacon, Marie Portolano], because they make me laugh a lot by talking football“, he says, for example, without mentioning the qualities of the three chroniclers. They have, however, made their weapons before in other shows on the football, as well as in the group Channel : Agathe Auproux is known particularly for his participation in Key Not at My Post.


Pierre Menes explains that he has had the idea of this new issue long ago, but that his state of health was forced to wait before presenting it to the public. “I had to do it a year ago, but I fell ill “, he laments. Today healed, after a double transplant and many trials, he returns in better shape than ever for this new program which will be broadcast every Friday from the month of September.

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