Pipeline Trans Mountain : Ottawa will not tolerate delay

News 4 February, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Sunday, February 4, 2018 19:43

    Sunday, February 4, 2018 19:43

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    OTTAWA – The federal government will not tolerate that British Columbia put sticks in the wheels of the pipeline project Trans Mountain to Kinder Morgan, has warned the minister of natural Resources, Jim Carr.

    In the last few days, British Columbia has announced its intention to temporarily prohibit the increase of shipments of diluted bitumen passing on its territory, which has raised the ire of Alberta. Recall that the project, Trans Mountain is intended to allow the shipping of 900,000 barrels of oil per day to the port of Burnaby, suburb of Vancouver.

    The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, was even booed by activists as he defended the project Friday.

    In an interview with the show the West Block on Sunday on the waves of Global News, minister Carr has recognized that British Columbia has the right to consult its population on the project, but with one caveat. “If there are attempts to times that are unnecessary or unusual, the national energy Board has the tools necessary to ensure that decisions are taken in time and place “, has he dropped.

    The minister added that, if the conditions imposed by the Board are met, the project should go ahead, because it is in the best interest of Canada.