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Entertainment, Techno 6 July, 2017


Pippa Middleton has aroused the curiosity of the public by appearing at Wimbledon Wednesday July 5, in the company of her brother James Middleton, and not of her husband, James Matthews…

Has just returned from their wonderful honeymoon trip between Polynesia and Australia, Pippa Middleton is back already on the front of the stage. The bride-to-be has been noticed, radiant, in Wimbledon, london, Wednesday 5 July. She had the complexion is nicely tanned, thanks to his long honeymoon. But surprise, surprise… The beautiful was not in the company of James Matthews, who she said ” yes ” last may 20. No, this is not her husband, but another James who was occupying the seat next to her : her little brother, the controversial James Middleton. The duo attended the victory without the suspense of the Scot Andy Murray, world number one and holder of the title, in the face of the German Dustin Brown.

The presence of the sister of the duchess of Cambridge at Wimbledon is not a surprise. The young woman of 33 years old is a great lover of tennis, she practice also it-same with talent. But why is her husband James Matthews wasn’t he there ? He had other obligations, or Pippa as she wanted to spend a moment without him after a month of merged love, to travel stuck-tight ? The mystery remains…

In any case, the absence of her Romeo has not seemed to struggle in the least the pretty brunette, who laughed at the glares the jokes of his brother.

Pippa Middleton,James Matthews

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