Pitiful state route 257: the mayors of the Haut-Saint-François are exasperated

News 15 March, 2018
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    Jean-François Desbiens

    Thursday, 15 march, 2018 18:34

    Thursday, 15 march, 2018 18:35

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    The mayors of five municipalities in calling for the rehabilitation of route 257, between The Homeland and Lingwick, a road that is found each year at the top of the ranking of the worst roads of the eastern Townships.

    In the spring and in the months that follow, this road is hardly passable. During the spring thaw, the motorists in the slalom to try to avoid the cracks and potholes.

    They must ride at low speed in order not to damage their vehicle in the parts sunken or bulging of the pavement.

    In the spring, on sections of gravel, the ruts that make the movement dangerous.

    The road 257 between The Homeland and Weedon is a length of approximately 42 km.

    For over thirty years, the elected representatives of the Haut-Saint-François is claiming the work of major repair. For the remake in full, as it is their wish, the invoice would be around $25 million.

    They say that they are willing to take 10 % of the cost of the work.

    Because the deplorable state of the road 257 night at the economic development, the traffic of tourist and poses a hazard to the safety of the emergency vehicles that circulate there, a petition has been launched calling for the government to finance its upgrade.