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Techno 4 April, 2018

2018-04-04 09:17

Planet Nibiru will be the cause of much of the Apocalypse — scientists
A former employee of the U.S. Geological survey Ethan Trowbridge said about the inevitable Apocalypse that will come via the planet Nibiru.

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People more than ten years working in U.S. government Agency, where he learned about the inevitable disaster that would entail the approximation of Nibiru to Earth. According to him, this information is carefully classified.

Geologist is convinced that the planet is a giant under the immense amount of gravity will trigger a powerful earthquake and tsunami on Earth, which will happen the end of the world.

“Nibiru will kill the Land,” – said the scientist.

According to Trowbridge, NASA knew about the approaching threat of the planet even 30 years ago, but has conspired with other public bodies to conceal its existence.

“We were instructed to check whether the latest global climate change of the Earth the influence of this heavenly body”, – said the geologist.

He claims that information is classified, the documents are fragmented to professionals who work with them, could not understand the purpose of this information.

The scientist also tied a sharp rise in sea level, temperature change and melting polar ice from the influence of Nibiru to Earth.

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