Plateau-Mont-Royal: the garden of the Notman will be expropriated for park purposes

News 3 February, 2018

    Guillaume Picard

    Saturday, February 3, 2018 17:58

    Saturday, February 3, 2018 17:58

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    The metropolis will soon have a new green space. After a long fight by the citizens ‘ Movement for the preservation of the garden Notman, at the corner of Milton and Clark, the borough of Plateau-Mont-Royal confirms that this wood lack of love will be transformed into a park.

    To do this, the City will have to expropriate the lot, since the talks with the owner have not allowed to arrive at a price within the limits acceptable to the City,” says an executive summary of the borough.

    The land coveted is situated behind the Maison William-Notman. Built in the 19th century, it stands at 51 Sherbrooke street West, and is one of the oldest burgher houses in the area. This historic residence is protected, which is not the case of the garden Notman, where a condo project is also in the cards.

    In the decision summary dating back to last December, it is specified that the Service of the management and planning real estate (PGS) evaluates the potential cost of expropriation to $ 3.3 million, plus applicable taxes. The borough should take $ 500,000 from the bill, with the rest to be paid by the city-centre.

    “This award is to budget title, it does not necessarily mean that this will be the amount then in the end,” said city councillor Alex Norris, in an interview with the QMI Agency. There is always a possibility that the owner finally decides to sell it for a reasonable price, but on our side as we allow the litigation of the City to proceed with the expropriation.”

    Lack of green space

    The objective is to give the area a green space, because it has very little. Elected officials also want to seize the opportunity to keep a lot of high environmental, landscape, historical, and social. “This is the last remnant of the gardens that skirted the rear of the houses of Sherbrooke street,” said Mr. Norris.

    The elected of projet Montréal believes that the cost is worth the effort. “A place like this, with centuries-old trees and rare, yes it is a very great value. I know of no other place like this in Montreal,” he said, not missing to applaud the citizens who have pushed the folder.

    “We could also enlarge the expropriated land, because the streets of Milton and Clark are much broader than necessary,” suggested Mr. Norris.

    Historic victory

    Yannick B. Gélinas, one of the spokesperson of the citizen Movement for the preservation of the garden of the Notman did not hide his joy, speaking of a “historic victory” for the good of the community.

    “We are very excited, but also cautious. We will see the result”, she said.

    For Ms. Gélinas and the members of the Movement, “the most important thing is the preservation of the trees, she said. One also wants to think about the historical side to the set value, because the land was owned by families such as the Molson, Drummond and Notman, who built Montreal. And from an ecological point of view, this is virtually a primary forest, one of the last”, she said, adding that it should be a cultural venue and community.

    On Twitter, the mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal, Luc Ferrandez, who is also responsible for the parks committee to the executive committee of the City of Montreal, has also responded: “there is A new park in the Plateau. On a green space of great ecological value, and historic and more! We are proud to have been able to complete as quickly that commitment #polmtl #biodiversity #heritage”.