Playstation 4 Pro Retro: A very limited edition to remind you of the PS1

Techno 21 January, 2017

A limited edition of the Playstation 4 Pro may remind you of memories. Very retro, it takes again the colors of the mythical PS1.
The Playstation will celebrate its 23th anniversary in December. The “play station” Sony has influenced generations of players. Several hundred million copies later, the console always makes as much dream. Yet, retro fans might like to regain the look of yesteryear, without compromising on power. The Playstation 4 Pro, presented this summer and which cases , may well be very compact, its design has nothing to do with that of the PS1. But Colorware could fulfill your wish. The company, specialized in customizing products, launches a limited version of the console. The Playstation 4 Pro, in the colors of the PS1, should recall good memories to millions of players.

What to remember good memories
Available today, the Playstation 4 Pro “Retro” benefits from the power of the current version. It thus found a hard disk 1TB, the ability to stream movies in 4K or Dualshock 4, including a new color is accurate . What differs this version from all the others is its look. All dressed gray, the PS4 Retro and its controller proudly approach the Playstation colorful logo, as at the time of the PS1. Each model is numbered, since there are only 25 models around the world. If you want to pick one, it will cost not less than $ 899 or € 840. Shipping costs are also to be expected. A rate that is 90% higher than the classic version. But retro is priceless. Seduced by such a look?