PlayStation VR: Sony to the rescue of large public virtual reality?

Techno 3 December, 2016

Sony has just launched its PlayStation VR. This virtual reality helmet is perhaps not technologically as complete as the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, but he easily manages to offer a true experience of virtual reality.

In addition, compared to the competition on PC, the price of the device is much more reasonable than with helmets or HTC Oculus. He will PlayStation VR suffer the same fate as the Oculus and Vive whose sales do not appear to be in good shape?

According to a survey of hardware and software available on Steam in August 2016, the number of users and Oculus Vive had not changed over the previous two months even though these VR helmets were sold there has little time.

Is this finally the PlayStation RV that will fly to the aid of VR to open the doors to the general public?

While the headset from Sony is behind in technology either at the resolution of his limited screen at 1080p, or its less successful controllers.

Nevertheless, given its much more reasonable price, and criticism rather favorable to the launch, the PlayStation VR seems to be the virtual reality headset best equipped to respond to the mass market appeal. To be continued in the next episode.

And you, do you think that the VR will manage to democratize to invite massively in homes?