Playstation VR: We tested Job Simulator to taf

Techno 22 November, 2016

owlchemy-labs-job-simulatorWe tested Job Simulator because it’s our job to test games. Jobception.

Robots have replaced humans and as a duty to remember, learn what it was to work like a madman being mechanic, clerk, cook or cashier ! While it has been available for a while now on other virtual reality helmets, it is also available on the PS VR Sony . And the least we can say is that, for a video game of introduction into the strange world of virtual reality, it is probably the most unexpected and best ! By working all day already, why would enjoy to do the same on a game you say? We simply will answer the same questions with Farming Simulator and Train Simulator … Just to test other trades. Of course, Job Simulator allows us to do so very simplistic …

It also helps balance all the objects within reach, it also offers a fantasy and a recognition of really nice move with Playstation Move. With 4 mini games different, the title to a lifetime rather correct, it should be noted, however, that the game is only available in English for $ 28 € 50 knowing that the game is more office technology demonstration the capacity of the helmet . We must take all this into consideration if you think about his purchase. Besides this little warning, and testing the title, movement recognition is rather effective, immediate and fun world of completely shifted as with really fun and colorful images, making it a title (almost) single . In summary, and if you want to relax and good laugh on a title VR, is certainly Job Simulator that we will advise you the most. Have you ever tried Job Simulator?