Pokemon Go: 2 new bays to capture Pokemon more easily

80 new Pokemon from the second generation of Pokemon will land in Pokemon GO!
FINALLY ! It’s been weeks, even months, that you’ve been waiting for! As you were already told with persistent rumors about the arrival of the second generation in Pokemon GO , Niantic finally decided to release the little monsters on the application. According to John Hanke, “Today is an important day for Pokemon GO as we welcome other Pokemon and improve the mechanics of encounter and capture for the breeders community around the world.”
All trainers will probably be delighted to learn that 80 new Pokemon will start appearing this week! Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver of course, with starters such as Germignon, Hericendre and Kaiminus. For the occasion, we prepare you a special day today in order to know all the information that will arrive throughout this day! With the arrival of these new Pokemon, the Pokemon GO arenas will surely receive other monsters than a whole bunch of Ronflex … Will you capture the new Pokemon of the second generation in Pokemon GO?

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