Pokemon GO: A Pikachu shiny for soon?

Techno 3 July, 2017

According to a user of Reddit, Niantic Labs could propose a Pikachu a little special for the end of July in Pokemon GO. Will it be a Pikachu shiny or a special Pikachu? The editorial has its little idea …

Pikachu soon back in a new form in Pokemon GO, who finally banned the spoofers? This is what a Reddit user who told a few days ago that the small yellow hair ball to electrical capacities could arrive in a new form at the end of the month after an email that he received For an event in Los Angeles, the AMC SIGGRAPH which takes place from 30 July to 3 August. An appearance of the Pokemon that would occur as part of the event regarding the first anniversary of the application. And on the program, a panel of Niantic Labs who will occasionally offer a preview of the capture of a “Pikachu Rare”, according to the received mail that you can read below.

What type of Pikachu is it? One thinks first of a Pikachu shiny, as many hope, but its existence in the source code since December 2016, and therefore in the game as soon as the appearance and possible capture of other shiny makes this hypothesis possible but little likely. A special Pikachu, then? This is the hypothesis that emerges most. And for good reason: a Pikachu Outbreak event was announced by the American firm in early June for the month of August in Yokohama (and anywhere in the world eventually, maybe). On the other hand, we do not know what the Pokemon will look like: will it have an umpteenth hat or a very different summer outfit? All that remains is to await its appearance, if it ever happens. A few days ago, the editors wondered which Pokemon would be in the raid eggs in Pokemon GO.