Pokemon Go: All the secrets have not been found!

Techno 14 November, 2016

pokemon-go-pokemon-mise-a-jour-compagnonYou thought you had discovered all the easter-eggs Pokemon Go? The CEO of Niantic has confirmed that at least one secret of the game had not been discovered.

In Pokemon Go, the easter-eggs and other secrets hidden in the game are numerous. We know for example that Metamorph would be present in Pokemon Go from the start, but it is still not found . We also know that some buddies you can climb on to how to Pikachu or that way according to rename your Eevee, it will evolve differently. Since the last update, the second generation of Pokemon appears to be ready to disembark in the game, and for the occasion, the CEO of Niantic Labs, John Hanke, held back on some aspects of the game , the microphone our American colleagues at GamesRadar .

We have to find the secret, and quickly!
If the CEO of Niantic confirmed the existence of the hidden secrets in the game, he also dropped a little bombshell among fans, stating that at least one secret had never been discovered . Is it of the presence of MissingNo in Pokemon Go ? John Hanke declined to give any indication on the matter. Players are go again to try to break what appears to be the last secret of the game Pokemon Go, before the new updates, which should bring with them their share of novelties. While Pokemon Go has revived the hunt for secrets, one thing is certain, the game still has a bright future! What new secret would you find in Pokemon Go?