Pokemon Go: Another disappointing update arrives

Techno 17 January, 2017

After more than three weeks of waiting, Niantic has unveiled the contents of its next update for Pokemon Go, 0.53.1 for Android, 1.23.1 on iOS. Unfortunately the update is very disappointing …
It’s been 24 days since Niantic had not deployed an update to Pokemon Go. If we had grown accustomed to a pace of about an update every 3 weeks (this would be late Of about 3 days), we must admit that we were expecting here major changes, at least correction of the many bugs that have been observed by the community for a few weeks. For example, there is currently a technical (unofficial) to pause the game in the Pokemon Go arena battles . We were also able to unveil an iOS bug that crash the game for many players of Pokemon Go . Now that the new update of Pokemon Go has been unveiled, it unfortunately brings nothing new, and worse: it does not correct any of the current problems of the game.

Thus, the patch notes for version 0.53.1 and 1.23.1 Android iOS is this: first of all, the Apple Watch version of the game was changed to allow players to see the eggs obtained in Pokestops . Then, and this is the “big” of this update, monitoring the distance was changed to better reflect the GPS drift . To be clear, it sometimes happened that you walk the equivalent of 2 km, but that the application detects only 1.5 km on these 2 km. With this change, we hope that it is no longer the case, but nothing is certain with Niantic ! Finally, here is the latest addition to this update, and it became a meme among the community of Pokemon Go: minor text corrections ( Minor Fixes Text ). In short, this update does not bring anything new, besides actually not correct moult bugs that swarm in the game … What do you think of this new update?