Pokemon Go: Birth and death of the game in 2016?

Techno 15 November, 2016

pokemon-mobile-pikachuWhile some expect the total death Pokemon Go in the coming weeks, Niantic Labs for his part defends his colt phenomenon as it should.

The mobile application star of the summer 2016 she is in the process of giving up the ghost? Pokemon Go, which has a number of players collapse gradually, increasingly concerned the community. Negative thoughts that never end while the soft Niantic Labs aroused craze outsized few weeks ago. Still, the fact remains that the interest is still minimal in the spotlight and it’s enough because according to some sources, nearly 30 million players worldwide continue to track these gentle creatures in nature . Pokemon Go always rhyme as a success in the eyes of some, starting with the marketing director of the game, Mike Quigley . It has also not failed to defend and preserve the image of her foal in a recent interview with our colleagues from EuroGamer .

Niantic Labs always ready to defend the interests of Pokemon Go!

The person is indeed came to clarify the situation as to whether Niantic does not do things by chance and that it is listening to the trainers: ” We try not to be distracted by headlines announcing” Pokémon GO is falling! Pokémon GO is dead. ” Many of these stories were written. And our response is: “. The guys, it’s just noise We know what we do, we know what we want to build We listen to the community.” “That has the merit of being clear as. explanation! is he then tried to reassure us by saying that mobile gaming is the narrow line of World of Warcraft, that is to say, an MMORPG in appearance free-to-play? Here in however it is difficult to know, but anyway, the phenomenon Pokemo Go, which is for once an unexpected success in the eyes of the producer of the game is far from dead. the arrival of new updates and potential innovations to come as the second generation of Pokémon and / or various events (Thanksgiving, Easter, …) should make him the most good. We wish him anyway … Is soon end Pokemon Go by you or not?