Pokemon Go celebrates love, the Nintendo Switch unfolds, and the PS4 Pro is offering a boost mode … This is the recap ‘video games of the week

Techno 10 February, 2017

Once is not custom, we celebrate love and novelty in the recap ‘video games of the week!
Pokemon Go celebrates Valentine’s Day
Place to love and powdered pink, the title star of Niantic dresses gently this week, to make you enjoy the event of Valentine’s Day of Pokemon Go . On the program, sweets in chaos, and pink Pokemon that will be much more present on the map. To you the Melodelph and the Leveinard, but also the Toudoudou, Melo and Lippouti , which will be much more present in the eggs. Finally, the icing on the cake, this event will allow you to last your lures for 6 hours, instead of the usual 30 minutes. You have until February 15 to take advantage of it.
The Nintendo Switch details its different modes in video
Just a few months away from its worldwide release, the next Big N console has just offered a short video presentation, in which all modes of the Nintendo Switch are unveiled . With or without television, two, eight, or even alone, the hybrid console definitely carries its name.
The PS4 Pro offers a boost mode
The new Sony update is still in testing, but it already boosts games that are not PS4 Pro compatible , which was previously impossible. Specifically, you will not be able to play 4K games on games that do not allow it, but you can enjoy reduced upload times , and many improvements, notably in the fluidity of the game.
Xbox One promises to fill up with exclusives
It was Phil Spencer himself who unveiled the news Tuesday. In 2017, the Xbox One should fill up with new features, including exclusive games . After Forza Horizons, released exclusively on the console, Microsoft promises to continue on this great momentum, by offering more and more titles and original licenses in 2017. We are waiting for that!
NES Classic Mini promises replenishment
The CEO of Nintendo France announced that the replenishments of the Nintendo NES Classic Mini would soon resume . Great news for all the disappointed who have not been able to take advantage of the mini-console, but who do not necessarily want to pay exorbitant prices. Expected for a long time already, the replenishment will therefore be on the program, but it will be progressive, however, to temperate Philippe Lavoué. Have you started the Valentine’s Day event in Pokemon Go?