Pokemon Go: Confirmed Shiny, avatar customization … The many new features of the source code unveiled

Techno 18 January, 2017

With the latest update of Pokemon Go, fans were able to search for new features implemented in the source code of the game. And surprise, they are very numerous and will please the players!
Yesterday, a new update we have considered disappointing was deployed by Niantic Pokemon Go . However, if this update is rather disappointing, it announces numerous new in the game of Niantic . Moreover, many players have already been interested in the source code of the game, modified, whose investigation allows to discover what has already been implemented to the game without being yet available ingame. And if the last update was disappointing, it must be admitted that everything that happens in Pokemon Go will certainly revive the flames of the most cautious players! First, new attacks have been added to the game . Precisely to the number of 38, these new attacks will allow to completely question the meta arenas! He also found a code announcing the arrival of objects for developments such as the Sun Stone . These objects indicate that Niantic wants to allow players to have more influence on the evolutions of their pokemon …

We also know that the Unowns have already been added to the game ! The source code reveals the presence of all “Unowns”, each with their definite form, from A to Z, not to mention the exclamation and interrogation point. Another great news, the kinds of Pokemon (male or female) were added to the game too ! But that’s not all: the shiny are also arriving in the game with this new update . This is sure to add interest to all fans of the game whose appeal seemed somewhat extinct in recent weeks. It will be also possible to customize your avatar more accurately , since you can choose your belt, your glasses and your collar, in addition to the possibilities already in. In short, you’ll understand that there are many Things that are preparing for Pokemon Go, remains to be seen when all these new features will really be playable! That is why we believe the last maj Pokemon Go was so disappointing: she was up to something bigger still! What do you think of all these novelties?