Pokemon Go: Eevee egg exchange

Techno 4 November, 2016

evoli-pokemon-evolution-pokemon-goConditions of Eevee outbreaks are evolving. Darwin would be proud of this sentence.
While the event Halloween Pokemon GO has just reported a nice little package in Niantic , it seems the studio finally realizes the importance of giving an interesting challenge to the trainers who have tended to quickly flee the application. While daily quests soon arrive in Pokemon GO , other small developments point the tip of their nose. Indeed, many trainers making 10 KM hatching eggs had fed up falling on Eevee that was far too common to their taste to belong to this category.
Apparently they have been heard since with the confirmation data and many players now Evoli happened eggs 10 KM 5 KM egg . A new well will probably be taken by the community that probably will thereby more likely to get a little more often other Pokemon through these eggs as Lapras or Chansey for example … What do you think of this change?