Pokemon Go: End of the Christmas event today, what will be the next event?

Techno 9 January, 2017

With the end of the Christmas event today, it’s time to look to the future of the game: when and what will be the next Pokemon Go event?
Bad news for all Pokemon Go players: since today, the Christmas event of the game is over. With the end of an event also come many questions as to the continuation of the game: what will be the next event? What will it bring? If we have been able to unveil the first rumors about the next Pokemon Go update , it is time here to speculate about the next event Pokemon Go. On the one hand, many games are usually a special event for the Chinese new year. It will take place on January 28, but it remains to be seen whether Niantic will actually make an event specially for the occasion. It is possible that one or two easter eggs are scattered throughout the game, but it is unlikely that Niantic will make it a big event. On the other hand, Valentine’s Day could be the occasion of the next event of Pokemon Go!

If nothing has yet been confirmed by Niantic, this is the logical choice for the future. What could a Valentine’s Day event in Pokemon Go bring? First, whereas at Valentine’s Day, many lovers are offered sweets or chocolate, Niantic could increase the number of sweets obtained during a capture pokemon, or egg hatching ! Moreover, we have seen at parties, where Niantic has set up special chests in the game shop to earn special bonuses; A similar event could happen for Valentine’s Day, offering various bonuses related to love. Finally, Niantic Pokemon could increase the encounter rate type féé in the game : these perfectly represent the spirit of Valentine’s Day, especially Jigglypuff or Chansey. Meanwhile, we invite you to discover here how to pass the egg hatching animations Pokemon Go ! What do you think the next event will be?