Pokemon Go: How to pass the egg hatching animations?

Techno 9 January, 2017

There is a method to save considerable time when hatching eggs. A very simple method, but little known by the players!
Since the game’s launch of Niantic , players sometimes complain about spending too much time with various animations of the game that seem impossible to pass: the animated evolution of a pokemon, with various statistics that in Follow, but also the animation of egg hatching. All these events and information that follow can lose valuable time to the players , especially the more experienced, ie those that still have active incubators, or make numerous changes to gain experience. Well know that there is a way, for all players, to spend some of these animations. It was fairly well known to players that when you tap on the screen at the time the “Oh?” Appears indicating an outbreak, this stops the animation. However, there is a way to do more than that.

Thus, if you type your screen with two fingers at the appearance of “oh?”, It will pass not only the animation of “hatching the egg, but also entry into the pokedex . In fact, use two Fingers instead of one when an egg hatches will allow you to go much faster, especially if you have several outbreaks at the same time.This is a trick that will allow the most seasoned players to win a little more . Besides time no matter how you play: some even go up to level 24 in Pokemon go without selecting a team ! to go further, we even could you reveal the best tricks of Pokemon app Go here! Have you ever tried this trick?