Pokemon Go: How to win a max of XP with Pokemon Go Plus

Techno 6 December, 2016

pokemon-go-plus-bracelet-connecte-sortieYou want to boost your level a little in Pokemon Go? Nothing’s easier !

If like us you are still addicted to Pokemon Go, and you expect the event of Christmas with impatience , you know the level up can sometimes take time, A LOT of time. But using this simple trick, and a few gadgets, you’ll see that right away, it’s much faster. While a few months ago, we explained how to successfully nab a max of XP with a lucky egg, discover a new trick that should interest you. For this, you will need a wristband connected Pokemon Go Plus, one lucky egg, and dozens of Pokemon ready to evolve like Pidgey or Rattata. You will also have reached the seventh capture bonus day and visit Pokestops.

In XP you into madness!
See you in a place full of Pokestop and Spaws, just to be certain to meet all spots along your route. Activate your luck egg, and start to change all the Pokemon you. At the same time, walk along the Pokestops and activate them successively through the Pokemon Go Plus. With bracelet connected Niantic, you can do both at the same time. If you’re quick, and that you have accumulated bonus catches and daily visits, you can change nearly 90 Pokemon, and visit many Pokestops, for a total of 135 000 XP points in half an hour approximately Pokestops included. Obviously, you can even increase your earnings, for example by activating the egg luck when your Pokemon 9 eggs are about to hatch. Meanwhile the new way to hunt in Pokemon Go Niantic promised by Europe , this trick should allow you to quickly reach the highest levels of the game! How many XP you’ve managed to get through this method?