Pokemon Go: New nest migration before the next update

Techno 27 January, 2017

A new migration of the nests was set up by Niantic, which will certainly revive the interest of the players for Pokemon Go
If one looks forward to the next update, which should arrive in less than two weeks (there is a good chance that an event takes place for Valentine’s Day , ie on 14 February) , A new one will perhaps push the fans of the game to continue to hunt the Pokemon while awaiting this long awaited moment: a new migration of the nests took place recently! If you are a seasoned player Pokemon Go, you are aware that there are nests that allow show some Pokemon breeds regularly . These nests are often updated and changed position in Niantic (last migration took place there about ten days), and allow to renew the interest of players for Pokemon GB.
Let’s be more precise: once again, things have been changed by Niantic for a change the game experience for fans of Pokemon Go . What does the fact that the Pokemon “nests” that allow the appearance of Pokemon rarer from time to time have changed position? To take a simple example, where Mini Draco appeared regularly before, it will now be other rare Pokemon will appear in this same place. This regular turnover allows the game to modify the players favorite destinations, and thus renew their interest in the title: finding new rare Pokemon in their neighborhood will certainly push them to continue playing. Pending the arrival of the second generation of Pokemon … We also invite you to discover here how to know the Pokemon Go servers are down or not, thanks to a handy site! What do you think of this new migration?