Pokemon Go: Status of the game, 2 months of latest releases

Techno 2 February, 2017

Two months already that the Pokemon babies made their arrival in Pokemon Go. Where is the game today? The record is rather bleak …
After more than a month after the last major event initiated by Niantic for Pokemon GB (for Christmas), the time to take stock of the current state of play. If news about the game is always prolific, not necessarily for good reasons: for some time, the bugs are becoming more numerous in Pokemon Go, and each new update brings new problems . If these different MAJs brought different content to each deployment, players might show a little more forgiveness: the bug game, but there are new things to test in the game, which offsets the technical concerns. Except that here, the updates for over a month are extremely poor . The last of them, namely 0.55.0 (for iOS) could introduce new bugs , and nothing new in terms of content. There is enough to be frustrated for these players who spend their time on the application: not only they have nothing new, but in addition what they had before deteriorated!
So what should Niantic do to correct this growing frustration of the players towards its application? It’s simple: you only have to implement the content gradually in the game . For example, we know: the second generation of Pokemon should arrive soon because the Pokemon Bébés were launched in the game at the beginning of December. This is in itself good news, and this coming arrival should revive the interest of the game among the most seasoned. Niantic but takes too much time to launch the second generation : we would have preferred that the announcement of this new content, Niantic decides to add eg 6 or 7 new Pokemon in the game every 2 weeks. This could have kept players on their toes for about 4 months, offering them new possibilities of gameplay and especially new reasons to light their application every day. As it is, if we suspect that an event will take place for Valentine’s Day, why play Pokemon Go in February 2017 are too thin . ?? At Niantic to turn the tide, taking care of its updates atone for the many bugs and suggesting new content … Also, note that a technique can exceed the speed limit in Pokemon Go! What do you think of the game now?