Pokemon Go: The 3-step tracker will never return

Techno 13 February, 2017

John Hanke, the boss of Niantic, confirmed that the 3-step tracker will not return to Pokemon Go.
This is a very bad news that Pokemon Go trainers learned yesterday. John Hanke, the CEO of the US firm that launched the application last July, announced that the 3-step tracker, which originally existed in the app, will not come back . And it is to our confreres of the Vice site that he announced the bad news: ” the 3-step tracker meets a certain need, and I think the most interesting is not to develop it, but to make the world Richer and add more way to interact with new kinds of things in the world . ” A tracker that pleased the players, begging Niantic for a return of functionality in Pokemon Go, which will see big changes in egg hatching with the last event .
The original tracker has been replaced by a tracker via image : to see where is the Pokemon you are looking for, just click on the small bar where the Pokemon appear at the bottom right of the screen, displaying Thus the search area. You are even given the route to follow to reach the zone … A version as practical , but perhaps less precise for some than the original tracker. Unless you see this last version evolving towards something approaching, or as functional as the tracker at 3 steps … Earlier, the editorial spoke to you of Pokemon Go and exchanges and duels for soon according to Niantic . Do you find the current functional tracker?