Pokemon Go: The activation speed becomes limited Pokestops

Techno 9 November, 2016

pokemon-go-pokestopsPokemon GO receives another rule somewhat limiting! Come discover the consequences here.

With a bonus week to celebrate the arrival of the daily quests in Pokemon GO , we say that Niantic is currently offering the application all the attention it deserves! And so we look forward to more innovations that are introduced, but … Good news rarely comes alone. Indeed, new information comes to us from SilphRoad and the testimony of several trainers. A speed limit in order to recover the objects in a Pokestop has been imposed . In practice, it’s now impossible to recover valuables if you want to do it by bus, tram, car, train or even worse, by bike …
From our point of view, this is rather good news to limit the number of trainers who decide to play while driving? On the other hand, it is also highly disadvantageous for players taking public transport or who do not have a lot of Pokestop close to each other. You should know one thing also is that despite the few problems that had the Pokemon GO More recently , it does not seem affected by this new speed limit … What do you think of this new measure by Niantic Pokemon GO?