Pokemon Go: The Christmas Event is accurate

Sport 5 December, 2016

pokemon-pikachu-noelWhich Pokemon Will we be able to catch? What bonuses will do you right? The answers we give them to you here.

Christmas is fast approaching! And to complete the celebrations, Niantic Labs will offer during this time a special event for Pokemon Go, winner of Game Awards 2016 . An event for Christmas which will feature several Pokemon and trainers find it easily . Niantic Labs also provided, it seems, some bonuses for eggs, candy and buddies . Which Pokemon Will it make it easier to find? What those anticipated bonus? Many questions drafting melty.fr will try to provide answers.

Some Pokemon will be highlighted during the event
First, the Pokemon involved: according to the British website Express , it would be Stari, Starmie, Clefairy, Melodelphe, Otaria, Lamantine and Snorlax . Pokemon that have not necessarily much to do with Christmas, but at the same time in Pokemon, except Cadoizo … We talked, had a time of Lipoutou in this list, but it does not seem to be present. With the second generation could happen in a few days, the trainers will anyway what to do. Then the bonus . Also according to the British site Express , Niantic could reduce the number of steps to hatch eggs and candy to raise with buddies . And finally, the US company could also release into the wild a legendary Pokemon as a Christmas gift . Earlier, you spoke drafting of Pokemon GB and the ability to play with glasses in augmented reality. Which Pokemon would you see during this event?