Pokemon Go: The new details nest of migration

Techno 18 November, 2016

pokemon-go-pokemon-mise-a-jour-compagnonWith this seventh wave of migration nests in Pokemon Go, Niantic hit something big.

Since the release of Pokemon Go, nests, or spawns, frequently changing place , and if they allow players to experience more and more different Pokemon, they are downright complicated to locate precisely. Especially since the new update, anti-scanner measures have been particularly strengthened in Pokemon GB, which had the effect of completely reduce your battery life . There are some days, many minor innovations have thus their arrival in Pokemon Go, and with them, a seventh wave of migration nests . What return all counters!
Pokemon Go, Quete

During migration earlier, we tried somehow to understand the trends change, but for this new wave, Niantic unveiled particularly random changes. So it is impossible to know where the next waves of monsters come out, you could exhaust yourself for anything from trying to find any logic . Then we learned that 100 new creatures of Pokemon GB may not be disembark for several months , these changes nests will be an opportunity to rediscover the creatures of the area. What do you think of this new wave of migration spawns ?