Pokemon Go: The new radar, a nightmare for some trainers

Techno 2 December, 2016

pokemon-go-real-life-vraie-vie-pikachu-geantWhile many players were waiting for his return, the new radar Pokemon Go aroused considerable criticism.

There are a few weeks, the new Pokemon Go radar was deployed in a small part of the United States . Supposed to be more reliable and certainly more intuitive than its predecessors, he promised to facilitate the capture of Pokemon, concentrating nests around Pokestops . So instead of the traditional three not present on the radar, you had the picture of Pokestop corresponding to the location of the wild Pokemon. In recent days, the new scanner was deployed throughout the American continent and a large part of Europe. But the side of the players, the reception was frosty . This new feature would indeed Pokemon Go almost unplayable. Nests are less and less interesting, and you will find yourself quickly assailed by Rattata and Caterpie.

You just have to hope!

Then for sure, since the new update Pokemon Go, a simple Pidgey can actually be a Metamorph , and it would be a shame to miss. But with only nine Pokemon in your radar, you often end up with little or no potential interesting catch. Another major problem, now the Pokemon that are not exactly on Pokestop will be invisible on radar . You can have a nest Ronflex at the other end of the street, they will remain invisible unless you place stack above. Do you have problems with the new Pokemon Go radar?