Pokemon Go: The new tracker is being deployed

Sport 23 November, 2016

pokemon-go-trackerThe new tracker is being deployed everywhere. Come discover and the places where it is available.

What happens in Niantic ? The studio goes into overdrive before the cold period that will soon touch the trainers or what? Well it’s quite possible, because as you can read in our article, Ditto is finally available in Pokemon GO and you want to capture, this is where it happens . But that’s not all, Pokemon Pokemon GO also major changes vis-à-vis their PC , greatly improving the game which was limited to capture Snorlax or Dragonite.

Finally a new way to locate Pokemon
But remember, in the first weeks of the game, the trainers had lamented the end of the game tracker , but if go, not 3 that showed how far was this or that Pokemon. Niantic decided to test a new tracker in San Francisco whose principle is to see the image of Pokestop which lies on a certain species of Pokemon . This time it’s the big time, because the studio has decided to officially launch the tracker that is being deployed. For now, it is available only in a part of the United States, Canada and Australia . Of course, we will notify you as soon as this tracker will be available in France. What do you think about this information?