Pokemon Go: The wildest spawn points in rare pokemon

Techno 9 January, 2017

It happens sometimes that players are in places completely crazy in terms of Pokemon spawns, and the good news is that they usually share their experience. Small compilation of the wildest spots in rare Pokemon!

It happens sometimes, in the experience of a trainer, that luck is at the rendezvous. An egg hatch leading to a Togepi or an Abra, an unexpected spawn of Dracolosse right next door … so many pleasant and unexpected experiences that can make a day much more sunny. But even with a chance of this level, there will always be players in the world who will have more luck than you, especially regarding the Pokemon spawns. Here we will reveal the wildest spawns shared by players around the world in recent days . The images will speak for themselves, discover them below.

Thus, recently, the player named Sylvabra have discovered a particularly crazy spawn point and shared it on Reddit: he found two Charizard in the same place, the latter accompanied by a Charmander nearly a Pokestop ! Still on Reddit , the player AyyYahuasca was able to share his experience: a Pokemon GB screenshot reveals that nearly one arena, a considerable number of Magnemite, Voltorb and Electrode, a perfect sport for the Electric Pokemon in Pokemon GO . The Pokemon are not in themselves extremely rare, but as much in the same place? This is unusual. Another player, crunksnotdead , has meanwhile seen the presence of three starters, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur , the same corner! One day maybe you’ll luck to come across one of these spawns, meanwhile try to enjoy every trick in the game, for example how to pass the egg hatching entertainment in Pokemon Go! Have you ever stumbled upon an incredible spawn point?