Pokemon Go: There is no age to capture them all and fill in the Pokedex

Techno 15 January, 2017

Discovery of a very extraordinary player in the USA, by its age and its accomplishment in the game! 150 Pokemon in the Pokedex after 70 years is possible!
If it is no longer the phenomenon starts, Pokemon Go is still a very good attendance success in Niantic : players are still numerous and there are even some players who do not meet the “standards” of trainers Of Pokemon. We could return there is little on the player of 66 years happened level 24 without having chosen team . Well do you realize that another senior has recently illustrated the application of Niantic. Connie Emmons is 72 years old, and not only is she a seasoned Pokemon Go player, but on top of that she’s one of the best! After over 6 months of hunting, she captured 150 different Pokemon: this corresponds to 143 Pokemon available in the US, and 7 new babies Pokemon . The three that are missing are the Pokemon specific to other regions, namely Kangourex, Canarticho and Mr Mime. In other words, she was able to catch all the Pokemon that were available for her area.

About 7 babies Pokemon, Connie explained that he “walked and walked” to hatch them. According to her, this is her little son who pushed her to become the best in this game According to her, Pokemon will also allow her family to get together around a passion. “We drive to the right and left, we do a lot of walking, and we were able to find many historic places that we did not know ” . A beautiful story in short, which confirms that video games have no age limit gameplay: you have 85 or 15 years, you can equally enjoy a game, especially when it is family that Pokemon Go . And your age will not stop you from being one of the best at the game! Moreover, to the most competitive players, we invite you to discover the tier list of the best fighting Pokemon Pokemon Go ! What do you think of this player?