Pokemon Go: These pokemon the second evolution is better than the third

Techno 15 January, 2017

Unlike “classic” Pokemon games, there are Pokemon in Pokemon Go whose second evolution is better than the third! What are they ?
Months after its deployment by Niantic , Pokemon GB is still much talk, especially within his own community. Recently, we discovered that there is no age to capture them all and complete the Pokédex , with the example of a player of 72 who finished the game (if one considers that all Catching allows you to complete the game). If the community of Pokemon Go likes to share this kind of unusual event, it also focuses on noticing dysfunctions and other illogicalities in the mechanics of the game. Thus, many players have recently noticed that some second pokemon evolutions are better Than the third. To take an example, the best attacks are Machamp Fist Karate and Kick Cross, while Machoke can learn scan, which has a better DPS, besides being faster which will allow him to avoid certain attacks . In short, if you have a Machopeur at 1200 CP with Scan, it will definitely be better than your chatterer at 1200 CP!

Another good example: it is better, if you have a Lippouti with the Laser Ice attack, not to evolve into Lippoutou since the latter can not get this very powerful attack. Soporifik can sometimes be better qu’Hypnomade because it sometimes has the Ecras’Face attack , which allows him to be more potent against Pokemon with good psychic defense. Another very striking case: Miaouss has some of the best attacks of the game (Claw with Plating), while Persian is rather useless. The only problem is that Miaouss usually has very low CPs. There are also Pokemon whose second evolution is just as good as the third, so it is in these specific cases more useful to play with the second evolution in arena because it will be cheaper in dust of stars. For example, Ivysaur and Venusaur have substantially the same stats . Same for Carabaffe and Tortank. We invite you also to discover here what are the best Pokemon Battle for the arena in Pokemon Go! Do you have other examples in mind?