Pokemon Go: Top 15 of the best fighters of the moment

Techno 6 December, 2016

pokemon-generation-premiereIn Pokemon Go, updates will follow but not alike.

Since the arrival of the new updates in Pokemon Go, and Metamorph , many saw their Pokemon CP modified to fit the current meta of the game. But then what use Pokemon arena to put the odds of his side ? Nothing simpler, you are told everything. Regarding the most effective Pokemon arena, whether in attack or defense, there are several giants of the saga , as Snorlax, Dragonite and Dracorage, Vaporeon, alias Rainer for the intimate, but also Rhinoféroce and Alakazam.
Top 15 of the best Pokemon of the moment
15 – Starmie
14 – Tangela
13 – Venusaur
12 – Gravalanche
11 – Slowbro
10 – Omastar
09 – Gyarados
08 – Noadkoko
07 – Locklass
06 – Gengar
05 – Alakazam
04 – Rhinoféroce
03 – Aquali
02 – Dragonite
01 – Ronflex

Become the most badass of arena masters!
Obviously, the success of your Pokemon in arena-especially in attack, depends as much capacity as your skills on the field . So your Ectoplasma could very well win his match against Snorlax Pokemon Go in , if you are comfortable enough with him, and you have mastered his attacks. To keep the better your arenas, or to storm those of others, so you’ll need to equip yourself better, and boost capacity by recharging. Fortunately, Niantic planned full of events for you to refuel XP and candy in the coming weeks! What is your dream team in Pokemon Go?

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