Pokemon Go: What to do while staying at home (without cheating)?

Techno 27 January, 2017

Play Pokemon Go from home, it’s possible! Just know what to do.
As you already know, all of Pokemon Go’s interest lies in the fact that the player must move and explore the IRL world to increase his XP and complete his Pokédex. Except that we are not going to lie to you, it is January, outside, it is super cold, and we do not necessarily want to put the nose out of the sofa. If you too are cautious and lazy, you’ll see that you can still benefit from the application of Niantic without moving from your couch and without cheating story to avoid being part of the big wave that ban recently hit Pokemon Go . Obviously, if you decide not to move, you will not be able to hatch your eggs or meet new Pokemon. But you will see that there are other things to do, such as make your perfect team , with Pokemon haves statistics worthy of the name. Begin by sorting all the monsters you have captured so far, taking care to transfer all those whose assessment is not satisfactory. Ask the team leaders, they will give you valuable clues on the subject. Once your perfect team made, supercharge then spending your stardust to improve its PV and PC.
If you do not have the motivation to go out with this icy cold (and you understand), you can also decide to mount your XP a little without having to move. If you have enough candy, start by using a lucky egg, and evolve the more Pokemon possible during the allotted time . Start by evolving the Pokemon of which you do not yet have the evolution, it will bring back much bigger! If you are lucky enough to pick up a Pokéstop from your sofa, this is the jackpot. Spend a Lure module, or wait for someone to do it for you, and you just have to pick up the Pokemon as they appear. Best of all, you can also pick up many objects on Pokéstop, and so soon have additional chances to fall on the new scalable objects will land in Pokemon Go . If like many players, you do not have a Pokéstop under your windows, use an Incense, which will always be better than nothing. This should keep you busy for a few hours before you motivate yourself to face the cold.

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