Pokemon Go: Which Pokemon Evolve With New Evolving Objects?

New items to be found in the PokeStops will allow you to specially evolve various types of Pokemon in Pokemon Go: which ones?
What a great day for the most assiduous players of Pokemon Go! They will attend this week the biggest update of the game since its deployment last July, because the second generation of Pokemon will make its arrival at the end of this week, it’s official ! But the new Pokemon are not the only innovations that will be implemented in the game at the time of this upcoming update. For example, new bays will make wild Pokemon encounters more interesting than before ! But that’s not all: in addition to these new bays, which you can discover in various PokeStops of the game of Niantic , you will also be able to find new objects: objects of evolution!
We had already been able to return to these objects some time ago, because they had been discovered in the source code of the game. Thus, there were 5 evolution objects when the datamining was done: the Sun Stone, the Kings Rock, Metal Skin, Draco’s Scale, Upgrade . It is possible that Niantic adds others with the new maj, nothing is confirmed yet. The Sun Stone, namely the Sunstone, normally allows to evolve Ortide in Joliflor . The Kings Rock (Roche Royale), allow Tétarte and Ramoloss to evolve respectively in Tarpaud and Roigada . The Metal Skin (Metal Coat), allows the evolution of Onix to Steelix and of Cocoa tree . The Draco Scale (ie Dragon Scale) allows Hypocean to become a Hyporoi . Finally, Upgrade (Améliorator), allows to obtain Porygon 2. What do you think of these innovations?

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