Pokemon Go: Why does the application take so long to start?

Techno 24 January, 2017

The Pokemon Go application continues to make its own, and Niantic seems determined to turn a deaf ear.
There are some days, the application Pokemon Go would not start, and even seemed completely down , and left players in limbo. Especially since Niantic had posted a simple tweet in explanation, promising just an update. And as you say that since this major problem, things have not really arranged . Indeed, the game puts piles to start, and bugs and other problems of all kinds are not really solved. A real galley that begins to exasperate everyone.
With the new update 0.53.2 Pokemon Go, which introduces the particular Zarbis the shinys and avatar customization , Niantic hopes to resolve the issue, and allow players to move on. Except that as you probably noticed, not only no improvement is seen, but in addition, Niantic turned a deaf ear , refusing to communicate the many problems faced by the game. Pokemon Go always bug the same, and it’s a real problem for the players, who are getting a little fed are you faced with numerous bug Pokemon Go?

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