Pokemon Go: Why the last maj is so disappointing?

Techno 18 January, 2017

The update 0.53.1 on Android and 1.23.1 on iOS was deployed yesterday by Niantic for Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, it does not bring much to the game … For something more important in a few weeks?

During the day yesterday, Niantic was able to deploy a new update, disappointing for Pokemon Go . In this update, the Apple Watch version of the game was modified to allow players to see the eggs obtained in the Pokestops. In addition, the tracking of the distance has been modified to better account for GPS drift. To be clear, it sometimes happened that you walk the equivalent of 2 km, but that the application detects only 1.5 km on these 2 km. With this change, it should not happen again! Finally, the last contribution of this update is the minor text correction (Minor Text Fixes). In short, you’ll understand that this update does not bring really big thing in the game, and so it was very disappointing, especially as it is now 24 days that players were waiting, she perhaps some ad Something bigger still …

There is currently much speculation about the next event that Niantic will launch in Pokemon Go. The most popular of them is to believe that an event for Valentine’s Day will be set up in the game, so in the vicinity Of 14 February, namely in just over three weeks. Three weeks is generally the time that Niantic takes between each of its updates. It would therefore be reasonable to think that this update of 17 January is actually the announcement of something much bigger to come in the coming weeks . In short, the players will have to show a little more patience, but this patience could be rewarded very soon. Meanwhile, we invite you to discover here that many new pokestops related to shopping centers were opened in France and Europe in Pokemon Go! What did you think of this update?