Pokemon Sun & Moon: 4 unnecessary but cool things to customize your trainer

Techno 6 February, 2017

You’ve finished the main story of Pokemon Sun and Moon, and you’re looking for cool stuff to do? Try to personalize your trainer, it’s useless, but it’s fun.
In Pokemon Sun and Moon, there are tons of things to do after beating League . You can of course complete your Pokédex, it is a bit the Grail of any good trainer which respects itself. You can also get the full form of Zygarde in Pokemon Sun and Moon , louse still get your fill of berries on the islands of Pokéloisirs. You will understand, even after completing the main mission, you still have plenty of hours of game in perspective! But if you really think you have ended the story, or if you just want a break in your trainer adventure, know that there are several ways to customize your character . Mini-quests completely useless, but rather fun.
1 – Customize your Poké Ball
You heard right, in Pokemon Sun and Moon, it is possible to customize the way you run your Pokéball . To do this, go to Malli, on the island of Ula Ula. Arriving at the Pokemon Center, turn left and around the block of buildings, to take the road going north. Continue to the end, and talk to the old man with the red T-shirt. You will then have the choice between several styles of throws: Normal, Elegant, Midi, Idealist, Snob, Lefty, Passionate, or Starlette. Do not hesitate to test them, it’s free!
2 – Play the stylist with dyeing
By visiting Place Festival, you can dye your clothes and accessories already purchased, by visiting the Dyeing Stands. With the Sun version, you will have access to the Sensation Rouge, Sensation Verte, Sensation Orange and Sensation Violette stands, while Pokemon Lune will give you access to Sensation Bleu, Sensation Bleu, Sensation Bleu and Sensation Rose. You will have the choice of dyeing a garment for 100 festipièces, or bleaching it for 10 festipièces. To get more colors, you can even use the berries!
3 – Buy a Team Skull tank top
By going to the Pokemon Kokohio center on the island of Ula Ula, two henchmen of Team Skull welcome you, and laugh a little of your clothes . To remedy this, and to offer you an outfit worthy of the name, the henchmen propose you to buy a tanker stamped team Skull for the moderate sum of 10 000 Poké-dollars. Clearly, this is quite expensive, but with our tricks to earn lots of money in Pokemon Sun and Moon , you should be able to afford you.
4 – Find Secret Secret Shop
Located on Mele-Mele, in the city of Ekaeka, this shop opens its doors after you finish the main story. It is located in the Ekaeka shopping center, directly right when you enter. You can not miss it, it has a particularly elegant black front. To offer you one of these luxury clothes, you will have to shell out a lot of Poké-dollars, but clearly you will have the class. In addition, during your first visit, a seller offers a Gracidea, allowing Shaymin get its Sky Forme . Which style of Pokéball throw you chose?