Pokemon Sun & Moon: 6000 cheats banned recently

Techno 27 January, 2017

The ban hammer falls on the cheats in Pokemon Sun & Moon.
After a recent ban wave on different cheaters present in GO Pokemon , the Pokemon Company and Game Freak have decided to follow suit with the latest versions of Pokemon 3DS. Various tools for changing the backup Sun & Moon and thus to cheat by getting such rare Pokemon such as shiny or small monsters IV perfect , all in a snap. An intolerable situation for honest players who train their Pokemon for days or even for people who have imported their favorite Pokemon with the Pokemon Bank of Sun & Moon .
Therefore, the Pokemon Company is taking steps against this type of player banning online services about 6000 cheaters . Even if they can still access the game offline, it is now impossible for them to fight or even exchange Pokemon using the online functions of Sun & Moon. Hopefully one day it will be possible to play without cheating problem. What do you think of the actions taken against Pokemon Sun & Moon cheats?