Pokemon Sun & Moon: Catch all Shiny with Chroma Charm

Techno 14 February, 2017

Increase your chance of capturing Pokemon Shiny in Sun and Moon, thanks to Chroma Charm.
Capturing a Shiny is a bit of a dream for all trainers. With only one chance in 4,096 to encounter a chromatic Pokemon , Shiny hunting can often be very long, and it takes several unsuccessful hours before falling on what you are looking for. While Pokemon Sun and Moon still have a lot of Pokemon not found in Shiny , the game introduced the SOS Battle, or chaining, a nice little novelty to help capture the Shiny, you will undoubtedly have much more chance of arriving To your purposes using the rare Chroma Charm object . Indeed, the latter allows you to multiply by three your chances of meeting a chromatic Pokemon. But it is still necessary to obtain it, and you will see that this is not the case,
Essential for shasser (Shiny hunt in good French), the House Chroma will be offered by the game director himself , or at least his character in the game. Once the Alola completed Pokédex, you can go in Buildings of Game Freaks developers on the island of Akala, in the town of Ho’ohale. Once there, an NPC will congratulate you with a nice degree and a Chroma Charm. A good way to increase your chances of meeting the precious Pokemon Shiny, even if you prefer to tell it right away, it will not fall you raw in the mouth! And do not try to cheat to try to force fate, since Pokemon Sun and Moon recently banned nearly 6,000 cheaters . The proof that Game Freaks does not joke with the cheaters! Did you succeed in capturing one or more Shiny Pokemon?